Saturday: View From the Top

Ego is everywhere here at the Academy. Even in the thieves who have no right to have ego at all.

In my sophomore year, there was an international student who kept large sums of money in his room. A lot of the students took notice because he would spend extravagant amounts buying whatever he pleased: a 50-inch flatscreen, a high tech xBox, surround sound, three different chairs for his astounding home system…you get the picture.

One night, I was walking back from studying in library, I heard the kid cussing and screaming all throughout the dorm. When I got closer to the source of the commotion, I noticed that some other students were laughing and others were looking pretty grim. One of our dorm masters looked very upset. I decided I would take the long back to my room to see what the bid deal was.

When I passed by Yushiro’s room, I caught a glimpse of his common room where all his expensive trophies lay: but that’s the thing…they were all gone.

The huge fifty inch screen was smashed into pieces. The gaming system was ripped out of the wall. His surround sound made little noises here and there. And his impressive furniture was all tore up by some kitchen knife that lay on the ground. The only thing that lay untouched?

A single dollar bill in the middle of the room.

After a couple of weeks, we had forgot about the person who ravaged Yushiro’s stuff. But then another international student had their wallet emptied. Don’t ask me why, but the kid had over $1,500 in there. What was left? A single dollar bill.

It happened again, to two others within the next week. And to a girl as well. Eloise Sinclair’s Lily Pulitzer was emptied: Daddy’s platinum card and all.

Each and every time, the thief left only a dollar.

If I’m correct, the Dollar Bandit, as the Academy has so aptly named him, has stolen over five thousand dollars from the school in the last three years. It’s always the same: students leave their wallets around in their rooms, full of cash and valuables. And the Dollar Bandit finds them, takes it all, and leaves a single dollar to let them know who did it. Even with all the help for the administration, the Bandit has got away with this for three years. It has become the Academy’s own personal form of serial killer.

Yet, the scariest part of this all is the reactions students have had to eachother. Like wildfire, rumors swept through campus about who was the Bandit himself. Many believed it was one person from a single dorm, until that person himself became a victim of the Bandit’s theft.

Hundreds of rumors have manifested and thrived. Countless students have faced oppression in the face of the administration and fellow friends. The Dollar Bandit, in more ways than one, has stolen a sense of security from the Academy.

Although we haven’t caught the Bandit yet, maybe the academy has taught one thing to us students: don’t be so quick to spread gossip.

Who knows…you could be the next victim of the Bandit himself.

Always watching,

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