Monday: NYC Happenings

Hello New York Movers,
Well, St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner which means one thing: this city is about to class it up. Yes, it’s true. There’s nothing quite like watching a drunk girl vomiting on the sidewalk at 11 a.m. that makes you just so thankful to live in the cultural center of the universe.
Which is why, gentle reader, it’s your job to keep the city dignified this week. Now, more than ever, New York City needs you to carry the torch, to brave the storm, to light the way through the sea of pub crawls and drunk leprechauns and speak out for the culturally dignified citizens of our fair city.
Now, it is your duty to get thoroughly cultured. Are you ready to answer the calling?
High Culture: The Armory Art Show @ Piers 92/94
Possibly the pinnacle of culture in the New York City art scene, The Armory Show is an event not to be missed. Housed on Manhattan’s West Side, the Armory Show is celebrating its 100th year with a jaw-dropping display of legendary artists and landmark pieces. Make sure to grab your tickets early, because this event tends to be packed, and for good reason.
Low Culture: Alan Cumming and Liza Minelli @ Town Hall
True, it’s not exactly “low culture” but given this week’s depravity we’re not so willing to go to those depths. Still, a concert featuring Alan Cumming and Liza Minelli is certain to be incredibly tacky, so it deserves this spot on our list. Featuring one of the weirdest pairing since Ru Paul and Milton Berle, this Town Hall concert secures both singers as thoroughly talented and entirely bizarre. 
Culture Culture: Boule de Quercy
This is a thoroughly pretentious goat’s milk cheese that mimics the effects of strawberries and creme fraiche. Eat it up. Don’t be scared of your superiority.
Stay cultured my friends,
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