Saturday: View From the Top

If you haven’t gotten the gist by now, living in a high-scale community of250 privileged students isn’t as graceful as you might think.

In fact, sometimes the most sophisticated of students can resort to the lowest of class.

In my time at the Academy, there has been a fair share of crime throughout the many dorms that I’ve lived in.

There’s always the students who feel the need to get into other people’s belongings. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen or heard about someone sneaking around in other people’s rooms, taking many things and usually getting away from it. The saddest part that stealing here involves much more than just money: electronics, clothes, jewelry, and even food. Yes, food. In a society where privileged, dare I say spoiled, students take part in unnecessary frivolity, theft exists in many forms.

But there are also those who are infamous and steal much more than just food.

In my first week here, I lived in a dorm where a senior decided he would make money if he brought back a considerable amount of marijuana in order to sell to his classmates. He decided the receptacle of a soda-vending machine was the perfect area to stash his, well, stash.

I can only imagine the expression of the dorm head, an older man who also taught an English class, as he reached into the soda machine and got more than just a Coke. From what I heard, he handed it to his wife in their home on the first floor, and planned to call the police immediately. Because of the size of the package of drugs, we all knew that the student would be arrested – that’s if  the student was caught, of course.

Yet, instead of hiding out in his room and hoping no one would catch him, the student actually had the guts to break into the teacher’s home and steal his stash back. Little did he know that the teacher had an home security system installed and it was all too easy for the State Police to zoom in on the student’s face as he rifled through the apartment. The next day, he was off to the State Prison in neighboring Vermont.

Yes, even the highest of societies aren’t free from crime. And this is a classic example of crime and punishment here at the Academy. But, did it stop others from doing the same? No…I don’t think so. In fact, I think it inspired some others to ‘one-up’ those who have failed before. It might have given some ideas to the infamous ‘dollar bandit’. But I’ll save that one for another time.

Always watching,

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