Monday: NYC Happenings

Hello again NY Movers,

It’s March! It’s March! Which means this winter is almost over and you can
forget that this godforsaken season ever happened! It also means you can
finally leave your apartment and pretend you didn’t hole up in there for
three months straight with elastic-waist sweats and four seasons of Gossip

We’re onto you.

But that’s ok! Now that the season is upon us, you can finally venture out
into the world without losing a limb to frostbite. And what better way to
celebrate than to get cultured? (If you said “get tanked” then you have a
drinking problem. Everyone knows that’s the second best way to celebrate.)

High Culture. Matilda on Broadway!

It’s finally here! Straight from its record breaking run in the UK, this
musical adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic book finally opens for previews
in New York. A few things about this performance should be noted:

1) This show is weird and twisted and edgy. These kids are not precocious.
If you want cute, go see Annie.
2) If Billy Elliot, and the National Theatre of Scotland, and the Kneehigh
Theatre, and the Druid Theatre hadn’t already taught us, it’s that the UK
makes awesome theater. They don’t mess around. Their stuff just works.
3) Just go. I already have my ticket. DO YOU?


Low Culture. Pipeline Theatre Company’s Clown Bar at the Parkside Lounge

If you’re into blood, sex, and drugs, flip on the TV. If you’re into
blood, sex, and drugs as performed by clowns… well then you probably
need therapy. But luckily Pipeline Theatre, one of the most cutting edge
in the city, has got you covered in their absurd new show happening on
Fridays and Saturdays at the Parkside Lounge. Drink, bring a friend, and
prepare to be thoroughly creeped out.


Culture Culture. Nutella Frozen Yogurt from Tasti D Lite.

Did you know this existed? It’s majestic.

Stay cultured my friends,


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Instagram: NYMovesMagazine


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