Thursday: International Fashion

Spring is definitely in sight as the days are longer and lighter, however I am not sure where you are, but it is still super cold in the UK. We believe that there’s only one way to brave the cold… by wearing amazing Neon knitwear!

Winter can be daunting to some people as they often see it as a challenge to stay warm whilst still in keeping to their own style, however we say embrace that challenge head on!

Adding knitwear can completely change the dimension of your outfit, whether it be a cardigan, scarf or hat, whilst still keeping you warm in this freezing weather, so it’s a win-win situation, and Neon knitwear is definitely on trend and brings some light into your life.

We are loving this neon yellow knitted jumper from TopShop and at £36 – it’s a steal! I chose to wear the bright jumper with TopShop leggings, a Zara necklace, and a classic Bayswater Mulberry.


With my search for knitwear fueled, I came across Clarissa Labin, a German Designer based in Berlin, and I have to say, I love her designs. Labin, who has previously had experience designing for Christian Dior and H&M, started her own label in 2009.

Labin’s Knitwear speaks for itself and is like no other. The shapes are daring and from first glance it looks as though Labin has taken inspiration from the architecture around her. Labin has experimented with textures whilst still keeping a strong luxurious feel, which I am sure any women would feel comfortable wearing. It is evident the amount of work and love that has gone into these pieces, so we had to share this with you all.





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