Monday: NYC Happenings

Hello New York Movers,

It’s Oscar week and you know what that means… lots of moaning and complaining about famous people getting the shaft! (You think we’d all enjoy watching those one-percenters getting snubbed for something.) That being said, I’d first like to take the time – since this is a cultural platform – to share my thoughts about the biggest snubs this Oscar season.

-“Piranha 3D” not getting a Best Picture nod, or at the very least a sound editing nomination (can’t you just imagine someone like Vanessa Redgrave reading off the nominees?)

-Katherine Heigl not getting nominated for “One for the Money,” you know, that movie nobody saw.

-And lastly, former Oscar host Billy Crystal not being publicly executed for “Parental Guidance.”

But enough about that, let’s stay cultured this week, shall we?

High Culture: New York City Ballet: Winter 2013 season @ Lincoln Center

This is the last week for the highly lauded New York City Ballet this season, and the reviews have been fantastic. From classics by George Balanchine (Swan Lake, Mozartiana) to world-premieres by corps member Justin Peck, the city institution has been stepping outside the box this year and taking some big chances. Two more weeks left at Lincoln Center – go now or be a philistine. The choice is yours.

Low Culture: You Like Me: An Evening of Classic Acceptance Speeches @ Ars Nova

I’ve already mentioned Ars Nova here before but I couldn’t help myself. For one night only, the Hell’s Kitchen theater will be presenting a night of famous acceptance speeches, from Meryl Streep to Oprah Winfrey. Featuring a slew of comedians and an interpretive dance squad, this is guaranteed to be a hot mess and get you prepped for the big night.

Culture Culture: Aged Gouda

Let’s go for a four year aged gouda. On cold night like these, it’s nice to have a hard cheese with a similar bite. And it’s a neat word. Gouda.

Stay cultured my friends,



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