Saturday: View From the Top

Relationships. The thing of fables. Especially in high school.

But, see, it’s a little different when you’re classmates become you’re roommates. When you shove two hundred and fifty kids together, all those hormones are bound to produce something, no? And I don’t just mean the freaky business; I’m talking the syrupy, honey dripping, sugary sweet love we all wish we had…as well as the deep disgust we’ve all experienced.

When you think of high=profile relationships, you may think of real-estate, net-worth, and public publicity. At the Academy, relationships are qualified by how long they last. If you’ve made it past a one night stand, it’s an accolade. If you become ‘official’, it’s big news. Then it’s time to run the gauntlet: how long will you both last? Can you make it past prying eyes and a limited social life? One month is a feat. Past three and you’ve become something to marvel at. It’s when you’ve lasted an entire academic year that you become relationship royalty.

There’s a number of prominent couples, one of which I’ve already mentioned. I’ve seen countless couples come and go; big breakups and huge blowouts, as well as the sappy inseparable demeanor. Catherine Elizabeth and Anderson Taylor arrived at the Academy in freshman year but never truly ‘met’ until after Spring Break. While the two characters are so unlikely to mesh, they’ve made it work. Sure, they hit a speed-bump in sophomore year when Anderson strayed off the beaten track, if you catch my drift. But, overall, I look to them as the shining example of a successful relationship; they know their limits, their wants and needs. They make public appearances together when it’s necessary, yet they also keep their intimacy in check.  And most of all, as I’ve seen on many occasions, they know how to keep their sex life alive and kicking.

That’s another story in itself. Before I left the city for the academy, I would have never dreamed of some of the things students have done. I don’t know if any of you will ever experience this, but desperation comes in many forms here. While we have a sprawling campus at our fingertips, we also have a team of personal police patrolling the grounds: faculty. They lurk in every corner, await your every move. Despite 250 acres, sometimes students feel like they’re living under a bubble, hence the desperation.

I’ve seen kids resort to crazy measures all for that one night stand or awkward makeup sessions. I’ve seen it done everywhere, in every-way possible. In a deserted classroom on a teacher’s desk. In a handicapped bathroom of the basement in the academic building. In the band room in the flute section. In the library at the furthest row back, where the dusty dictionaries lie. In the darkroom of the Black and White Photo 2 classroom. Even on the headmaster’s desk late on a Saturday night.

When it comes to relationships, I guess we do the best we can here at the Academy. Whether we’re successful or not is another question. At what point is our relationships not worth it? I don’t know exactly, but maybe’s its when we find ourselves in a broom closet in our most compromising positions.

Always watching,


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