Friday: Entertainment News

Hi there, NY Movers,

Take a breath. It’s Friday. And chances are, if you’re not Oscar Pistorius, you’ve had a damn good week.

Granted the South African Olympian and double-leg amputee, who’s been charged with premeditated murder after shooting his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, was granted bail at his hearing earlier this morning, according to CNN. The murder charges shocked most of the world, as Pistorius is beloved by many for his tenacious spirit on the running track and model-esque looks. Pistorius claimed he thought his girlfriend was an intruder. His trial is postponed to June 4. Do you think he’s telling the truth or is prison in Pistorius’s future?

In other more upbeat news, we are very excited to announce that our 2013 Spring Fashion issue coverman, Josh Duhamel, is expecting his first baby with wife, Fergie! The two tried to keep their bun-in-the-oven on the down low, but news finally broke earlier this week. Hard to believe Josh is going to be a father, but if he’s anything like he was at our photo shoot – hard-working, hilarious and respectable (but with an edge), he’ll be one hell of a father. Be sure to grab a copy of the issue in March to read about the father-to-be and drool over his rainy-day NYC photo shoot. 

More photos surfaced this week of Miley Cyrus sitting behind a pile of marijuana that looked like it was about to be smoked. We’re not judging because we try not to judge here at NY Moves, but between her ganja photos, Rihanna broadcasting her love of the herb all over Twitter and Instagram, and Justin Bieber’s pot pics, we can’t help but think how gritty this young generation of ours is getting. Do you think it’s a big deal that these 18-to-20-year-olds are smoking marijuana? Is this something we should be worried about or is it just a sign that times are changing and the herb should just be legalized? Share your thoughts here because we know legalization is always a heated subject.

Last but certainly not least in the news world, it’s the Oscar’s on Sunday, people! It’s finally here! Which film do you think will win the coveted “Best Picture” award? We wish the best of luck to Jessica Chastain and Bradley Cooper, both of whom have graced our cover and the inside of the magazine and both of whom are nominated for “Best Actress” and “Best Actor.” We’re rooting for Amy Adams for “Best Supporting Actress” and Philip Seymour Hoffman for “Best Supporting Actor,” as both were also past covers of ours. Plus, they’re all kinda good at acting. Kinda. 🙂 


Enjoy the weekend, NYMovers. Viva la Oscar (the awards not the Olympian)


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