Monday: NYC Happenings

Hello again kids,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. And if you’re one of the millions that purged themselves on half priced chocolates to stave off loneliness, I hope by now you’ve either exercised or taken a sufficient amount of laxatives. No one likes excess weight, particularly if you’re to be attending cultural affairs, where black is a must and silk chiffon should hang from your collarbones like rags on a bone.

Good. Now that we’re comfortable with the dress code, there’s a lot cooking this week, and you’ve got to get yourself ready. I don’t want any excuses this week for not attending a cultural event. “I’m busy!” You might exclaim. “The hepatitis returned!” Deal with it, people. It’s your mind, not your body that must be enriched; it won’t pay to be so nearsighted.

And now, the main event:

The Cultural Affairs of The Week Starting Feb. 18th

– or –

How I Got off my Couch and Found Myself a Rich OIl Baron Husband

High Culture: Gutai: Splendid Playground @ The Guggenheim

Fresh off the “Picasso: Black and White Exhibit,” the Guggenheim’s newest offering is a lot more risky. Sure, Picasso was (during his time) deliberately controversial, but nowadays it’s pretty safe to say he’s a genius and call it a day. The artists in this recent retrospective are similarly brilliant, though it’s a lot more difficult to see. Featuring some of the most avant-garde and explosive artists associated with the post-war Japanese Gutai Art Association, the exhibit makes good use of the museum’s brilliant design and exhibits an era in art history not typically given the time of day.

Low Culture: Never Sleep Alone @ Joe’s Pub

Finally, a show that’s worth the cost of admission. Dr. Alex Schiller returns to Joe’s Pub with her brilliant one woman show centered around getting you, the audience, sufficiently laid. A self described “sexual psychologist,” Dr. Alex interacts with the tipsy audience members and issues a series of dares, pairing off members and forcing them to exchange numbers, and sometimes, saliva. Sure, it probably doesn’t make for the greatest date night (unless you are your significant other are into that sort of thing) but Dr. Alex does make for a great show, and this time the audience truly reaps the rewards.

Culture culture: Let’s go for a little bit of Pinkberry this week. Why you ask? Because they deliver, I will answer. And it’s freezing outside.

Stay cultured my friends,



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