Saturday: View From the Top

There are the jocks. The band geeks. The artsy hipsters. The freestyle skiers and the racers. The classic nerds. The socialites and party lovers. The lax bros and their laxtitutes. The Asians and the Europeans. But above all, there are the prefects.

There’s only one position of power for students at this school, and once you get it, you’re changed forever. Or so I hear. Becoming a prefect not only means you’re on top of the school administration, but you’re also on the top of the food chain. Every year in the spring, the academy holds elections for next year’s prefects, and twenty two are chosen. They are a mix of the powerful and popular; the upper crust of the academy itself. The only way to get the coveted position is to be popular enough for everyone to vote for you, or to have the faculty’s complete respect to garner enough votes. A prefect must act as a liasion between the administration and the student body. If you’re lucky enough, you might even end up Head Boy or Head Girl, the highest scoring juniors who are in charge of all prefects.

Of course, when you think of prefects, how couldn’t you think of the Holy Trinity. I’m talking about three girls, all best friends, who have spent all four years at the Academy. In addition to their close friendship, the school adores them as well.  There’s Miss Hannah Humphries, who has become somewhat of a student powerhouse. In her earlier years, she was a shy girl who never really excelled in one special aspect. Yet, in her junior year, it seems she made a name for herself through the faculty. Her playful demeanor comes off as welcoming, but don’t let her fool you; she’s out for blood. After becoming Head Girl, she far outgrew her fellow prefects into becoming the school’s pride and joy. Don’t forget Mariah McPherson, an intense athlete who is outspoken on the field. A symbol of power and of utter beauty, Mariah doesn’t really take herself seriously enough. Hannah seems to always outshine her, despite the fact that they are both Head Girls. The last of the Three Musketeers is Catherine Elizabeth, who is the least involved of the three. She spends most of her time with her boyfriend, who happens to be Head Boy. Separate, the girls don’t seem much of a threat ~ yet, their unity is oppressive and almost impossible to forget. The other popular girl prefects, Khloe Tennyson, Jessica Clarkson, and Eloise Sinclair, are in the shadow of Hannah, Catherine and Mariah, but I don’t think that will last long.

And then there is the boys, who are much less powerful. You already know one of them. Out of my friends, Ian was elected a prefect in one of the boys dorms. Not because he was extremely popular, no. I’m sure the boys didn’t vote for him. The faculty and the girl’s votes got him through, but not enough for Head Boy. There’s Anderson Taylor, Catherine’s boyfriend, and Ryan Koehler, his best friend and fellow prefect. A couple others, like Gill Edwards and Robert Fuller, got the position, but no one too important.

The whole idea, to be honest, is ridiculous. I don’t think anyone, not even Ian, is truly a perfect prefect. If nothing else, the prefects are there to keep things at the Academy interesting. They throw parties, start fights, hook up, and break rules…all because they can. They are the royalty of the student body, and with the title comes responsibility; not for honesty, but for pageantry.

But I ask you: at what point does it become too much? Would you be willing to be in the public eye for a title? Could you stand the pressure of the administration and students looking to you? When do you stop being a leader and start being a tyrant?

Always watching,

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