Friday: Entertainment News

Happy Friday New York Movers,
Hope everyone’s had a good week filled with post-grammy music obsessing. There’s always that one performance or that one album you never got around to listening to that the Grammys brings to life. Then it’s all you blast for a good week or two. This year? Well, for me it was R&B artist Miguel. His performance of his hit “Adorn” showcased his velvety voice and a song that makes you feel all warm inside. I’m posting his performance here, but beware: Listen once, ladies, and you may not be able to stop – It’s safe to say there’s been one big baby-making vibe in the office this week because Miguel’s album has been on repeat. Sorry I’m not sorry. What was your favorite Grammys performance?
We are very excited to announce that our upcoming Spring men’s cover is the extremely dapper Mr. Josh Duhamel, leading man in the latest Nicholas Sparks flick, “Safe Haven.” The film is in theaters, so go check it out, and bring some tissues. On Wednesday night, Duhamel stopped by Jimmy Fallon and showed off some dance moves that his wife, Fergie, taught him. Check out the link to see a very sexy man shake his very sexy booty and pick up our spring issue in March to see more of Mr. Duhamel:
Speaking of men’s covers, Christoph Waltz, who graced our last men’s cover, will be hosting Saturday Night Live this week. The Austrian native keeps a very low profile, so it’s great to see him back on T.V., especially in his own skin and not the skin of a character created by Quentin Tarantino. We think Christoph’s comedy prowess is slightly underrated, especially after seeing the video he made exclusively for Moves. Watch here: and then tell us you’re not excited to see him take on SNL.
Continuing on with her epic interviews, Oprah snagged Beyonce for an on-camera interview airing on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” Saturday night. We love seeing Queen Bey when she’s most vulnerable, and knowing Oprah, this’ll be one of those times. Tune in and let us know what you enjoyed most about the interview.
Enjoy the weekend, NYMovers!
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