Tuesday: Health and Fitness

Fads are stupid. Let’s just get that out of the way.

They’re called “fads” for a reason—as opposed to being called solutions, or breakthroughs. Fitness fads are almost always silly, based on panic and emotion rather than common sense, and hang from the coattails of a current trend. Case in point: Stiletto workouts, an actual program created by a New York woman who presumably has a secret goal to break the ankles of every lady in Manhattan. Based on the assumption that since women are wearing these death traps on their feet anyway, they may as well learn to balance and walk properly in them, the Stiletto workout takes you through standard exercises including lunges, dance moves, and other calisthenics. Of course it also follows with the caveat, “not recommended for those with back, knee, or hip conditions,” which basically excludes, oh I don’t know, everyone who wears high heels.

Look, it’s been proven time and again, whether in love, work, fitness or life in general: simple is better. When we stop wasting energy on following every ridiculous trend that comes our way and just figure out what works for us, things usually fall into place. Shit, the only time we generally perform risky dance moves in high heels is when we’re drunk anyway; why would be bring them to the gym? Put on some normal sneakers and go to the gym for a normal workout. Run. Lift weights. Do yoga or zumba or even that weird class where you basically just stand there banging sticks together. But wear comfortable, safe clothes and work out in a comfortable, safe environment. Your body will thank you—because last time I checked, broken ankles were NOT hot this season.



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