Monday: NYC Happenings This Week

Hello New York Movers,

I hope everyone had a good Superbowl Sunday, and by that I mean you
enjoyed Beyonce’s halftime show and then watched the Puppy Bowl. Because I
know I certainly did.

It’s another Monday, which means a full week lays ahead, and you have a
bunch of culture to ram down your throat. Because I’m onto you people – I
know you stayed in all weekend watching reality TV, didn’t you? I thought
so. Well, here’s your chance to get all those brain cells back.

High culture: George Bellows Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is currently whoring out its most recent
exhibit, a collection of Matisse, but the real gem lies in this extensive
collection of George Bellows works. Most famous for painting his subjects
in the boxing ring, the exhibition follows his entire body of work,
tragically cut short by an early death. Creepy as hell, inspiring, dark,
and unforgettable, Bellows is an unsung talent that definitely deserves a
shot. Through February 18th only.

Low culture: Netflix Plays at Ars Nova

Ars Nova is a cool place, and you should go. Known as a breeding ground
for up and coming playwrights, including Lin Manuel-Miranda (In the
Heights) and Annie Baker (Circle Mirror Transformation), the Netflix Plays
is a series of shorts written by their current batch of playwrights.
Performed by a versatile group of actors including Eddie Kaye Thomas
(American Pie) and Sarah Steele (Spanglish), the plays range from eerie to
hilarious, and include a few Beiber inspired dance numbers to boot.

Culture culture: I’m a big fan of Chobani Greek Yogurt with Pomegranite.
There’s something insanely satisfying about the little crunch of the seeds
and the pleasant crimson color is makes when you stir it up. It’s the
little things.

Stay cultured my friends-



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