Monday: NYC Happenings

Hello New York Movers and Shakers!! (I tried it. It didn’t work. Let’s

Wow! What a week, am I right? From the frigid temperatures to the even
more frigid shade we’ve been throwing at Beyonce (we stand behind you, B!)
this past week was a tough one to get through.

But luckily it’s Monday and a new week is beginning! And boy does this one
look good… Mercury is sliding into Venus’s force field… Saturn is
edging out Pluto! All this means that you’re liable to meet your soulmate
if you just get out there and experience some culture!!!

Ok, we made all that up, but what do you want? Mondays suck and we’re
trying to make it better. That being said, we’ve given you the lowdown on
this week in culture, so at least you can start planning ahead and make
the rest of the week as fabulous as you are! And besides, you live in New
York, make those exorbitant rent checks count for something.

This Week in Culture:

High Culture – Viva la Verdi! Did that sound convincing? No? Well ok,
we’re trying. Sure, we may not be opera connoisseurs here at Moves, but
the Metropolitan’s revival of Rigoletto (opening this week at Lincoln
Center) is sure to be awesome.  Michael Mayer, Tony-award winning director
of Spring Awakening, is at the helm of this fascinating production, which
sets the Italian classic in the seedy world of 1960s Las Vegas. Equal
parts Mad Men and Godfather-esque Italia, the Metropolitan never cuts
corners when it comes to putting on a flashy show. And what better setting
that the flashiest place on Earth?

Low Culture – Galapagos Art Space in DUMBO is weird and you should
probably go. Regularly hosting a weekly cabaret/burlesque series, the
tables get turned this week for one night only during “Boy’s Night: An All
Male Cirquelesque Review.” If you’re sick of the overly saturated New York
burlesque scene with all the pasties and nipple tape, you’ll love to see a
group of men take the reigns, performing a hilarious, sexy, acrobatic and
vaudeville-style show. And who knows, maybe straight guys will like it,
too? (We’re not holding our breath.)

Boys Night- A Winter's Tail Postcard Front

Culture Culture: Try a nice white stilton cheese with dried apricots. It’s
a pretentious dessert cheese (redundant?), and it’s excellent with a tub
of cookie batter – perfect for the type of evening where you’d rather stay
in and not get laid than go out and brave the cold. Otherwise known as “my

Stay cultured my friends.



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