Friday: Entertainment News

Here at New York Moves we are all about up-and-coming celebrities who like to speak their mind. As some of you may recall, Mila Kunis graced our cover a few years back and now she’s currently the sexiest woman alive. Red-headed bombshell Jessica Chastain was a cover girl on our last Spring issue and the girl is freaking everywhere now. And what about Bradley Cooper? That dashingly handsome man was on our cover waaaay back before he did “The Hangover,” and if you don’t know who he is now, then you live in a hole.

The point is we love spotlighting talented people who’ve got a lot to say. But we’re only a quarterly magazine, so it’s hard to share with you everyone that’s caught our eye…and ears.  Fear no more, however, because each week,  I will be coming to you with celeb news and happenings.

Now, you can say you don’t care about the rich and famous. You can say their lives don’t matter, and yeah, most of the time they don’t, but we’re not talking about teeny-boppy gossip like who Bieber’s newest squeeze is. We are talking about the things these people do and say that make us want to be more like them – i.e. Susan Sarandon and her entrepreneurial prowess in starting a ping-pong club –  and the reasons why we’re enamored with the lives they live  – i.e. Christoph Waltz’s playfully down-to-earth demeanor despite Tarantino acting chops and an Oscar.  If you have not seen the video he did for NY Moves, I give you full permission to stop reading this post, and go watch it :  HYPERLINK “” .

Be sure to check back every Friday for a look back at the week’s celebrity news and never hesitate to tweet your thoughts at us at @NYMoves, Facebook us at or Instagram us at @NYMovesMagazine.

Till next Friday, my dears!


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