Wednesday: American Culture and Politics

Well, hello.

My name is Low, and I’m a die-hard city girl, at least as long as I’m single. I know this because I spent some time living outside the city and it just didn’t work. I love the life of metropolis – when only a few blocks of sidewalk separate me from a gallery, or live music, or a hipster coffee shop, or the spot in the park where the society-set play.

I like to have one eye on the cultural scene at all times. When it comes to music, I like to know and share the next big thing. When it comes to movies, I’m an Oscars junkie. I love the highbrow elitism of the art museums and the lowbrow elitism of the dive bars.

When it comes to most things, I have an enthusiastic opinion that I will vehemently defend… until I change my mind. I hate being told I’m wrong. I’m an angry driver but a thoughtful friend. I was born in Georgia but I lean left. I love men but I’m always single. I love Puccini and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Political talk makes me anxious but I jump in the fray, just the same. I hate idiots but I still read the comments underneath the CNN articles. Basically, I like to cultivate oppositional inclinations. It encourages me to live life instead of phoneing it in all the time.

When you hear from me, it might be about an up-and-coming band you should check out. It might be about the meaning behind a work of fine art. It might be some random cultural insight you haven’t heard about before. Most likely, it’ll be an exposition about societal ignorance, an over-reliance on capitalism, or resonating political unhappiness. Because you can’t live life ignoring the big issues, but nor can you let them weigh you down all the time. When you’re ready for advice about art worth experiencing, or you’re looking for an opinion on what’s lurking below the surface of society, or maybe you’re just on the market for some sarcastic insights, look for my hashtag: #Low.


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