Tuesday: Fitness and Health

When I’m not writing for Moves (or, you know, my other full-time writing job) I’m in and around the gym. Juice monkey, gym rat, meathead—whatever you call it, I get off on lifting heavy weights; grunting through my sweat and pain; achieving feats of strength, flexibility and conditioning that is the envy of the all the other lonely souls who prefer the cold embrace of steel over human interaction. When it comes to physical tests, I’m someone who loves trying new things, even classes or movements or exercises I suck at. I like learning, and getting better, and eventually showing off. (Hey, at least I’m honest). You see, I’m the one in the gym you try to avoid; the one you look at through the corner of your eye and then look away, wondering what went on my life that made me so intense in the gym. It’s just working out, after all—it’s not the Olympics. I know, it’s just that I want to do more pullups, more pushups, heavier squats than the next guy. Oh, and I’m 5’4. And a chick. Girl power, and all that.

Ok, but I’m not all bad: I’m always willing to try a new exercise, class, or program (anti-gravity yoga, anyone?) And I’m not just about the gym: I’m into anything health and wellness: nutrition, sleep, stress, or general lifestyle are all topics I’m frankly a little too interested in. Being the perfect human—or at least the perfect you—is a constant work in progress and I spend most of my time learning about how to be a better, healthier, happier meathead—I mean, person.

Want some tips on how to get better sleep? Want to know which supplements are useful and which are a waste of money? Want to figure out, once and for all, what workouts will get you sexy and show you a good time? I’m your woman.

Here, join me as I poke fun at “those people” at the gym (you know the ones); rant with me about the newest fitness fads; discuss new nutrition trends. Here, I’ll answer burning fitness questions. I’ll make fun of you, and myself too. And maybe, at the end of it, we’ll all be bit better, fitter, happier, healthier. At least, I hope you get a laugh or two out of it.

Now, for homework: drop and give me twenty.



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