NYMoves daily blog kick-off!

Today we are so excited to announce that we’ll be kicking off our #NYMoves daily blogs. Here is what you can look forward to each week:

Monday: #NYC happenings for the upcoming week

Tuesday: #Health and #Fitness

Wednesday: Popular American #Culture and #Politics

Thursday: International #Fashion

Friday: #Entertainment News

Saturday: “View From the Top” – a narrative blog about life at the top of the social stratosphere.

We’ll be posting to both our Tumblr blog (http://newyorkmoves.tumblr.com) and our WordPress blog (https://newyorkmoves.wordpress.com).

These blogs are our way of bringing NYMoves to you between each issue. Now every day, you can enjoy the humor and the grit of the magazine and reflect on the polemic views we try to present. We look forward to hearing your thoughts, so please share comments and share with your friends!

Cheers to new endeavors in 2013,

-The New York Moves team


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