Monday: NYC happenings

Hey everybody!

Welcome to the brand spankin’ new New York Moves blog, giving you access to exclusive content, featured stories, and the hottest reviews right here at your very fingertips (or hook hands – we don’t discriminate.)

I’ll be filling you in weekly, giving you behind-the-scene access, reviews, and information on some of the coolest cultural happenings in the city.

So who am I and why the hell should you listen to me? Ouch. Well, to start off, I’m a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where I learned how to roll on the floor, cry, and explore the emotions laying dormant in my psoas muscles. After I got my BFA in Drama (aka “Make Believe”) I worked around the city as an actor and singer, performing at the Public Theater’s Joe’s Pub, Classic Stage Company, La MaMa ETC, and NYMF.

But enough about how awesome I am (see: “poor”). Let’s talk about how this is going to work.

Each week I’ll give you the lowdown on three cultural events:

High Culture – Things you should attend (dance companies, art openings, things that will make you an overall better human being)

Low Culture – Things you really should attend, but you probably shouldn’t tell anyone about (burlesque shows, reality TV reunion specials, things that will rot your brain)

and Culture Culture – a recommended cheese, yogurt, or froyo combo of my choosing (Get it?! I’m a wordsmith!)

So there you have it, kids. New York Moves is about to change your life. Remember to keep up with us on the regular – online and in print – and pretty soon you’ll be even more chic and jaded than your pretentious friends who were born in Manhattan.

Stay cultured, my friends.


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