Normally a ‘bitch’ would be reserved for the magazine, but we came across this one…

It drives me crazy when at a moment that is either vaguely amusing or not very funny at all, a person says something like “That’s a scream!” or “That is hilarious!” I realize that it might be someone’s attempt at social graces, but if something is funny, laugh. If something is not funny, don’t laugh, but don’t make a comment that is meant to serve as a dissatisfying substitute for laughter either. If it wasn’t meant to be funny, or is simply something strange that a person was sharing, say so, but don’t awkwardly and obviously sidestep, and call attention to your sidestepping of, laughter if something doesn’t make you laugh. If it wasn’t a scram, I just find myself wanting to say “no, that wasn’t a freaking scream, dude, it was just weird.” But I don’t.

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