Guishem Fall 2011 Show


Guillermo Jop, head designer at Guishem, was born into the fashion industry and has proved that he belongs there ever since. The complex cutting and blending of different fabrics to create beautiful cocktail and evening dresses make his designs hits all over the world. 


New York Moves got a peek behind the curtain at the hair and makeup department with Narpoeon Perdis and Cutler/Redkin. The Guishem show was Monday at 6.30 at The Box at Lincoln Center. Here’s what it looked like!

Think of a tent that would comfortably accomodate 30-40 people. Now fill it with 80. Some of them were just like me, trying to see what goes on back there, and the rest were part of the dedicated teams there to get the models out looking their best. 


Rebecca, a makeup artist for Napoleon Perdis, showed me the look they were going for, which was what she described as “time-traveling superhero,” which is I believe the look I will now be striving for for the rest of my life. Lovely smokey eyes that weren’t overpowering and had a line of gold along the bottom lashes were favored to accompany Guillermo’s bold, colorful designs.


What impressed me the most was everyone’s focus. Obviously there was a measure of chaos; a model was late, they couldn’t find the right makeup kit for what they needed, and there was a constant stream of massive boxes being moved in and out of the tent. But everyone had such a clear goal and knew what they should be doing to get the show off without a hitch, which they did.


There were usually between 3 and 6 people working their magic on a model at a given moment, and how they managed to all do so without constantly stepping on one another is beyond me.

I don’t know if it was their age (young) or their hair and makeup being the same, but all the models had such a striking doe-like appearance, despite their clothes made for stylish space-vigilanteism.

I loved the hair so much! Time-traveling superheroes have awesome frizzy buns!

Of course, before the show there is always a minute to get a quick fix in (they have some crazy spray they put on all their fingernails that must make them impervious to smudging. I want it)…

or a bathroom break…

or a good luck text!

There was even a DJ dressed to match the theme of the show

The Box @ Lincoln Center is a very cool space…

After the show I checked out the bustling main hall. I will share what I consider to be the highlight:

These are the Bumbys. They hand out ‘fair and honest appraisals of your appearance.’

I was told my cheekbones looked like they might cut glass. They gave me an 8, which I will happily accept.

I had a great time, and Guishem’s Fall 2011 collection is really unique and fun, so check it out! Bring a little time-traveling superhero into your life!


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