Fashion Retreat at Luxe Laboratory–yessss!

‘Who is that?’

That’s what I keep thinking when I catch my eye in the mirror today.

The folks at the Robert Verdi Fashion Retreat at Luxe Laboratory/ConAir Beauty Bash were so amazing! At 11am on a Sunday, I went in looking like I’d just woken up (which was pretty true) and I stepped out feeling like a million bucks!

Picture it: I walk in to a lovely room with a table overflowing with delicious fruit and mini-muffins and coffee and champagne, only to be greeted by the appraising stare of Robert Verdi himself. Eager to both know immediately and never know what he thought of me and my frizzball hair, I quickly dedicated myself to eating mini-muffins until some wonderful and sweet people took me back to get a fun and flattering makeover! 

I took the liberty of taking a before picture so you can see what they were given to work with:

First Stephanie gave me thousands of ringlets, using her arsenal of hair tools and know-how.

then Jeorge gave me the most fantastic complexion and dark, smoky eyes.

The after:

Walking around Manhattan with professionally done hair and makeup certainly makes for a different experience. You feel like the city was made for you. Without Paola, Sefani and Jeorge, I never would have known!

AND, I got pretty much the best goodie bag ever, with the infinitiPro dryer from ConAir, a ConAir straightening iron, a crimper(when is the last time you crimped? I am going to bring it back!), a magical clip that makes doing a french twist child’s play, new brushes and some awesome Rusk products!


After trying for a pretty long time to get a good photo of the smoky eye Jeorge gave me so I can try and fail at recreating it, I discovered that taking a photo of your own eye is hard. I think I’ll be seeing the flash for an hour or so. You will have to settle for this one that I took with my laptop’s camera. 

I had so much fun today, and the guys at the Beauty Bash made me feel great! If you get the chance, I highly recommend stopping by and letting them work their magic! I know it’s Sunday, but I have to go out tonight for obvious reasons.

Thanks for a great day, everyone!


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