What are new security measures accomplishing?

Lines are now longer in airport security because people have to put their arms hold-upp style and have a crazy full body scan taken. If you are foolish enough to have so much as an old movie stub in your pocket, it is detected and you are patted down by security personnel(as I was). However, if they try to take away your long pointy Chinese hair pin, but you start to cry, they let you keep it (as happened to my friend). What is this increased security accomplishing? 

With each new security measure, those who would do harm to air travelers and infrastructure evolve their methods. While sitting at home, hearing about bombs in shoes or in orifices of terrorists, people tend to call for increased security. However, in the half-hour long line, people seem to feel differently. How much farther can the TSA take these measures before we are up to full cavity searches for each passenger?

Not only has a full body scan operator been caught masturbating in his booth, but increasingly invasive pat-downs can be traumatic for victims of sexual assault. Air travel should not be something that causes people to re-live the most terrible experiences of their lives! Now, who is willing to be accused of not caring about national security and decry these changes publicly?


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