What should we learn?

Learning today has changed. Young people don’t remember facts in the way they used to. It has become so easy now to gather a bit of information from myriad sources that the idea of gaining expertise on a subject by painstakingly reading a handful of tomes and synthesizing this knowledge to form one’s own opinion is, to a certain extent, a thing of the past. Obviously, authority on a single subject is important and respected. But when you check 20 sources, you can pretty much take for granted that the version the majority of them agree upon is the truth. Remembering facts about history and geography seems useful in theory, but with that type of information at our fingertips all the time, the shift away from having things memorized seems reasonable. Constantly berated for their shortness of attention span, the brains of those raised by the internet are far more adept at gathering bits and pieces from here and there, and do not rely as much on a single, whole narrative on a subject. The question is this: with our brain space now more occupied by processing capabilities than memory, what is worth learning and what type of preparation will best equip young people for their world?


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