Tracy Cecco

Tracy Cecco, Yamaha motors top female ATV racing champion does not take kindly to losing. She once completed a two-hour race on her ATV using one hand to steer and one hand to hold up her head in her helmet because of a neck injury. Now on her eighth women’s championship, Tracy is the top women’s road racer on the ATV scene today. When she first started racing, there were only about 5 women doing what she loves, and she has worked tirelessly since to take some of the spotlight for her fellow women in ATV racing. Not content with being a champion racer, Tracy also works as a Physical Therapist’s assistant, and has built herself a house and garage. Tracy is a force to be reckoned with, and as Yamaha’s first female factory racer, she is a role model to any girl out there who wants to show the boys that she can be as good, as tough, and as fast as they can! Keep racing Tracy, we love to watch you win!

Check out our Power Women issue for more on Tracy and the other amazing women we had the pleasure to get to know!


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